I have been coaching athletes and clients for years now. I focus on the whole fitness package; nutrition is a key focus for me and the results speak for themselves. I don’t care about the latest fads and trends. I use tried and tested methods founded on the latest industry thinking, and my clients always remain at the heart of every program.

The key to achieving your goals are to recognise your mistakes and to fix them. I help my clients to achieve these goals with healthy and balanced programs. Whether you’re inexperienced with exercise, in a more advanced stage of training, or just coming back from an injury, I will tailor plans to suit the beginner to the expert. Using my experience, qualifications and knowledge I will enhance performance in desired activities, prevent future injuries, and improve quality of life to assist you in obtaining your health and fitness goals.

Just a few of the top athletes I train and / or prepare specialised training nutrition plans for are Richard Kiely, Shaunna Bannon, Claudio Contima, Trevor Redmond, Kasia Rudek, Trina Fitz and Dean Barry.

I work with clients at all levels, if you are a beginner looking to change your life, or more advanced but looking to increase your performance why not email me. I am here to help you achieve your goals and be the person you always wanted to be. My clients all agree. Just take a look at my testimonials.


Nutrition Advisor

Personal Training

Stretching Isometric & Core Instructor

Gym Instructor

Circuit training Instructor

Professional Outdoor trainer

Professional Bosu and Fitball Instructor

Professional Cardiovascular Training and Conditioning Instructor

Professional Functional training and Conditioning Instructor

Professional Olympic Weightlifting Instructor

Professional Plyometrics and Agility Instructor

What's stopping you taking that step?



Danielle Renehan

I joined my gym the end of 2014 as I had put on a lot of weight while on medication and I really wanted to lose it. I started training with Marcin in April 2015. I had been going to the gym for four months before starting with Marcin and I was working hard but gaining weight. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong.
After the first month I had not only dropped over a stone, but my inches were dropping too. And even better with his encouragement and support I started liking my workouts instead of dreading them. Working out was fun, he helped me push myself and I was seeing more strength and results. This really drove me to keep going.
My food had been a huge issue. I was fooling myself about what I eat and how bad it was. Like a lot of people I suppose.
I have been training with Marcin for over 2 years now. I've dropped 4 stone and over half of my body fat. Fitness is part of my life and I love it. I am now the person I always wanted to be. Strong. Confident. Happy. And I like my body. It's not perfect. But I am finally happy. Marcin helped me in so many ways. I can't thank him enough. My mental health is better. I'm active and happy.
He is dedicated to all his clients. He works with you to tailor everything specifically to you. There is no one size fits all with Marcin. Each clients program and meal plan is specifically created for them. There is nobody around better than him. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. He changed my whole life.

Gillian O'Malley

I've struggled with my weight my whole life. I was overweight as a child and just kept growing and growing. Reality set in when I found out I was no longer overweight, but obese.
I had seen Marcin's advertisement in my gym and saw some of his clients transformation pics. I knew I wasn't losing weight on my own and needed a professional to help. This was the best decision I've ever made.
Marcin is a fountain of knowledge. He's constantly studying and learning new techniques to help his clients through nutrition and training. He's helped me break my old food habits and find a passion for fitness. He knows how to get you your results and maintain them.
The worst part of the process was having to buy a whole new wardrobe!
I honestly can't recommend Marcin enough.

Trish O Connor

I have been working with marcin for the last two years now and it has been the best decision of have made
I actually loving working out now and it is all down to his help and guidance
He supplies excellent intense and most importantly programmes that really do work. Like he says if you want the results you have to put the work in
His knowledge on nutrition is second to none and don't worry if there is a particular food or diet you dont like he always has alternatives to suit everyone
He isnt one of these trainers that starves their clients and he also practices what he preaches. Can always find him in the gym
He has to have the patience of a saint putting up with mood swings and complaints that you may have but he always keeps us cool and settles your mind
His positivity and genuie love and care for his clients is what makes him the best pt there is
No matter what he always has time for his clients and will always answer any question, as he says there is no stupid question
Would 1000% recommend him to anyone and everyone and I dont see any reason to ever not use him
Top quality pt!

Shauna Bannon

I have worked with Marcin the past few years and he has always helped me with weigh loss and has been very very good with detail and his information.
This year I decided to go another weigh class lower in kickboxing and taekwondo and Marcin has helped me so much with this. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. He gives clear instruction with what to eat and what training to do weeks before and then gives further details with the last bit of weight loss from water the few days before the fight. He makes the cut so easy and enjoyable compared to previous diets I have gotten off others. I have trust in him from working with him over the years. I just do what he says and it always works I always make weight.
Not only is he good with the diet and cut part he helps me with recovery too. He advises on what to eat and drink after weigh ins so I can be back to normal as quick as possible and have the energy and strength to fight as normally weigh ins are the day before I fight.


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