• GOLD BEEF PRE-TEIN 1800G - Olimp Sport Nutrition

GOLD BEEF PRE-TEIN 1800G - Olimp Sport Nutrition

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Olimp Gold Beef-Pro ™ -Tein - the highest quality protein of beef origin

Nutrition of physically active people places more and more demands on producers of dietary supplements. This is due to the ever-increasing participation of athletes in society. The greater the number of people who target healthy and conscious nutrition, the greater the likelihood of diagnosing food allergies or hypersensitivity that may accompany the consumption of dairy-based products, such as milk whey fraction proteins, which are otherwise the most valuable source of protein.

Olimp Gold Beef-Pro ™ -Tein is the answer of specialists in the supplementation of physically active people from the renowned Research and Development Center of the pharmaceutical company Olimp Laboratories® to the need to diversify the sources of protein available in the diet of physically active people who need to enrich their diet with the highest quality protein concentrates beef origin.

Advantages of Olimp Gold Beef-Pro ™ -Tein

Olimp GOLD BEEF-PRO ™ -TEIN goes far beyond the one-component beef protein hydrolysates popular on the market. This exclusive product has been enriched with proteins and bioactive peptides from bovine blood plasma, which exhibit a wide spectrum of anti-inflammatory effects, which, in accordance with the article and the literature cited in it, may significantly contribute to the improvement of the speed of building muscle mass, its quality, and the rate of regeneration. as well as training characteristics and volumes. The beef protein hydrolyzate used in the production, thanks to the previous enzymatic treatment, is a source of instantly digestible free amino acids and low-molecular peptides absorbed directly into the bloodstream after about 15 minutes after consumption. This significantly reduces the risk of developing catabolic states in muscle cells loaded with training or in the period of transient malnutrition.

In addition, Olimp GOLD BEEF-PRO ™ -TEIN meets the highest standards for high-protein products:

  • contains a full profile of proteogenic amino acids with a significant share of exogenous amino acids (EAA), including branched side chain amino acids (BCAA), showing a strong anabolic and anti-catabolic effect,
  • it does not contain lactose, so it can be successfully used by people suffering from a reduction in the quality of life caused by an allergy to this nutrient,
  • has a trace content of carbohydrates (less than 0.5 g) and fat (less than 1 g) per serving,
  • is a product with a very high concentration of protein,
  • free from impurities that may accumulate in the meat,

Serving size
Suggested serving size 35 g
Nutritional value in one serving
Energy 129 kcal
Protein 31 g
Carbohydrates <0.5 g
Fat 0.9 g

Olimp Sport Nutrition GOLD BEEF PRE-TEIN 1800G

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