• IMMUN-ER - 270G - Trec

IMMUN-ER - 270G - Trec

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The body's immunity is crucial for the proper course of the training plan. An organism tormented by colds or the flu will not be fit for intensive strength training. On the other hand, a strong strain on the body with training can contribute to the formation of nutrient deficiencies, including those responsible for the proper ability of the body to fight infection. Therefore, it is worth including in the training plan the element of supporting immunity by supplementing the deficiencies of the most important compounds involved in building immunity.

The most important role in the human immune system is played by zinc, vitamins A and B and vitamin D. Their deficiencies most often lead to the development of viral or bacterial infections.

The Trec Immun-Er dietary supplement is a composition not only of ingredients responsible for building the body's immunity, but also complementary ingredients with antiviral and nutritional properties. The Trec Immun-Er supplement is primarily a solid dose of vitamins A and B6 supporting the proper functioning of the immune system. In turn, the addition of a large portion of vitamin D and vitamin C will have a positive effect not only on immunity and shortening the time of infection development, but also strengthens the bone and joint system. Inosine, supported by ginger and turmeric extracts, is effective in fighting viruses. The Trec Immun-Er dietary supplement also contains glutamine supporting the functioning of the digestive system, which greatly affects our immunity.

Serving size
Suggested serving size 6g
Nutritional value in one serving
inosine 750mg
Vitamin A 800ug
Vitamin B6 5.6mg
Vitamin C 500mg
Vitamin D 50ug
Zinc 10mg
Amino Acid Composition
L-Glutamine 750mg

Trec IMMUN-ER - 270G

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