• Keto Belgain Dark chocolate - 7 NUTRITION

Keto Belgain Dark chocolate - 7 NUTRITION

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Are you fed up with monotonous diet? Is there something still missing in your plan despite your best efforts? Or maybe you just want to break away from reality from time to time, get tempted by something sweet, but at the same time, you don’t want to waste your efforts? Just remember: a ketogenic diet requires both reflection and a hint of finesse and creativity. It seems hard to reconcile yet… one element binding the results and the above-average taste is enough.

7NUTRITION Keto-Chocolate Belgian Dark combines high-quality ingredients with proven benefits and usefulness during a ketogenic diet, closed in the form of delicious Belgian chocolate.

Ketogenic diet is an increasingly popular method chosen by people fighting glycaemia, e.g. in the case of insulin resistance. The case is similar when it comes to reducing weight and burning deposited adipose tissue. Owing to the diet, the body is able to switch from carbohydrates to an alternative source of energy – fats.

However, we do not give up on sugar completely – our brain, for instance, needs certain amounts to function properly. In turn, fats constitute the vast majority of ingredients and, at the same time, calories. Keto diet, like any other dietary system, has its own rules but it does not mean that one cannot enjoy tasty snacks. It is enough for them to comply with its assumptions, right?

Keto-Chocolate is intended to support and diversify the diet, as well as supplement its possible deficits. It is not always possible to extract all the necessary ingredients from food – we know it well. Therefore, the high content of properly selected fats, including MCT oil, is essential.

MCT are medium-chain fatty acids that can be used as a solid source of energy in a short time. The body does not need to involve all enzymes and does not require specific transporters, bypassing the mechanisms related to the lymphatic system and, therefore, they are absorbed much faster. Caprylic, capric and caproic acids present in MCT are the sources of its properties. By the way, the addition of MCT oil, and in particular caprylic acid, is valued particularly for its anti-inflammatory and beneficial effects on the digestive system.

Benefits of MCT:

– quick source of energy,

– more energy than from glucose,

– increased energy efficiency,

– improves insulin sensitivity,

– does not convert into adipose tissue,

– speeds up metabolism,

– safe in the case of insulin resistance and glycemic problems,

– has anti-inflammatory properties,

– beneficial to the digestive system when consumed in appropriate amounts.

You will probably think that such a sweet snack will not work in ketogenic diet, right? You put on weight from sugar / sweets, and even a small amount can cause an increase in glucose, insulin and disrupt the entire system. That’s right but… It depends. As I mentioned, we need certain amounts of sugar, even in a fat nutritional system. Erythritol is the main sweetening matter of Keto-Chocolate. Plenty of experts believe that it is a unique sweetening matter allowed for people suffering from sugar disturbances. Erythritol strengthens the capillaries and has a beneficial effect on vascular endothelium in hyperglycemia.

It is worth noting that there are also pecans in the composition, so willingly used in fat-based diets due to the predominance of beneficial fatty acids Omega 9 over Omega 6. We should also mention inulin and fiber.

7Nutrition Keto Chocolate. Belgian Dark min. 83,8% cocoa with added MCT Oil. Contains a sweetener and naturally occurring sugars.

INGREDIENTS: chocolate (cocoa mass, fibre (dextrin, inulin, oligofructose), cocoa butter, sweetener: erythritol, fat-reduced cocoa powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour, sweeteners: steviol glycosides), MCT 15.4% (medium chain triglycerides [MCT] – contain inulin, sodium caseinate (from milk), silicon dioxide, sunflower lecithin), liquid MCT 7.7%, pecans 7.7%. Cocoa solids: 83.8% minimum.

WARNINGS: The product may contain allergens such as: milk, soy, wheat, barley, eggs, peanuts and nuts.

STORAGE: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Keep away from direct sunlight.

NOTE: Excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect.


Nutritional value in one serving
Energy 1621 kJ / 394 kcal
Protein 3,7 g
Carbohydrates 12 g
Fat 32 g
Fibre 20 g

7 NUTRITION Keto Belgain Dark chocolate

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