• NO-XPLODE - 390g - BSN

NO-XPLODE - 390g - BSN

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N.O.-Pl Pre-Workout A legendary amount of assurance for performance and efficiency ensures a level of training

Pre-workout. It contains ingredients that together constitute a magical pre-workout mixture. The main band is the caffeine stimulator that can control your physical and physical abilities. before you get to the gym or a ticket competition, you will give it all and the victory is yours. Citrulline, the result of endogenous use that promotes the production of nitrogen compounds, is also enhanced by this effect. Maybe this will mean a shift to the shift to scooping and scooping, which affected the top of the page. And let's not forget about beta alanine. It takes part in which you could have carnosine, acts as a "cleaner". It diminishes and continues with further lactic acid stages, re-update, re-update, after the train finishes, will follow the progress.

But what is not among all that can also find selected data. Vitamin B3 (niacin) promotes itself from being fueled and fatigued. In addition, an update function was also added on this matter. It affects information functions such as concentration and function. It also contributes to the sufficient amount of testoster in the blood, which is important especially for athletes.                      

then i choose it choline bitartrate. It belongs to the brain of nootropics, i.e. contributions to work, concentration and mental performance. It's worth it. however, also about adaptogens such as Rhodiola rosea and ginseng They are usually used to strengthen organizations on and other companies. The composition also includes grapefruit bioflavonoids, which are distinguished by the content of only pro-health.        

so we have one last part, which is piperine. It is black pepper extract that is provided to access component connections. If you want the pre-training delivery, which will be given to you by the pre-training supplement, supplementing and replenishing the renewable energy resources with ingredients, look no further, because the N. O.-Xplode Legendary pre-workout suburb is just for you.


N.O.-Xplode Legendary pre-workout & its advantages

  • comprehensive pre-training for strength and strength athletes
  • caffeine, citrulline, beta-alanine, vitamin and other nutrients
  • Extremely
  • replenishment provides provides delivery and delivery of scoops for execution
  • help fatigue fatigue and fatigue
  • Consequences on functional functions
  • high degree of absorption
  • refreshing taste

Serving size
Suggested serving size 13g
Nutritional value in one serving
Piperine 5mg
Beta-Alanine 3.2g
Caffeine 200mg
Citrulline malate 6g
Niacin 32mg
Vitamin C 80mg
Zinc 10mg


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