• Sauce 0% - Smoke BBQ - 500ml - Cheat meal

Sauce 0% - Smoke BBQ - 500ml - Cheat meal

  • Brand: Cheat meal
  • Amount: 500ml
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  • €5.95

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Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ

  • A healthy alternative to traditional sauces
  • Sensational taste without unnecessary additions
  • No sugar
  • 1 calorie per 5ml serving

Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ

If you are looking for a good meat seasoning, you should consider buying a Barbecue sauce. As the name implies (barbecue means barbecue, this type of sauce is used primarily to season grilled dishes such as sausages, steaks, pork and chicken. By buying Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ from the well-known brand Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ, you get a traditional sauce combining tomato paste with the addition of vinegar. Barbecue sauce is used all over the world - it is an ideal addition to meat dishes.

Dietary sauce

Do you like to eat well, but take care of your diet? You exercise a lot, and after every decent workout you want to replenish the nutrients, but every dish is bland and tasteless? Try a healthy alternative to traditional sauces from Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ! Each serving will only provide you with sensational taste - you don"t have to worry about the amount of sugars or fats introduced into your body. Recommended to anyone who cares about their balanced diet who wants to add additional taste to their dishes.

Zero sugar - Full flavor

You probably think that lack of sugar means that something has a bad taste - nothing could be more wrong! Try Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ and you"ll find that lack of sugar is just an advantage. Maintain your balanced diet without giving up the sensational taste. Each serving of sauce will satisfy your taste buds, but will also provide you with psychological comfort due to the lack of sugar and unnecessary additives. Don"t give up tasty food just because of extra calories - take advantage of the help that Cheat Meal Smoke BBQ offers you and try the amazing flavors today.

Serving size
Suggested serving size 5ml
Nutritional value in one serving
Energy 1kcal
Protein 0.02g
Carbohydrates 0.13g
Fat 0.01g
Fibre 0.07g
Salt 0.13g

Cheat meal Sauce 0% - Smoke BBQ - 500ml

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