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And they did it again! They, or AllNutrition, after the incredible success of F ** king Delicious bars, extended the characteristic line of black sweets, this time discovering the cards and explaining that it is about FITking Delicious, zero calorie sauces ... well, no! Not zero calories - Ultra low calorie sauces are low in fat, low in carbohydrates, most of which are calorie-free erythritol, but are not zero calories. Depending on the taste, the caloric content of F ** king Delicious sauces ranges from 20kcal to 50kcal in 100g, which is extremely low compared to traditional sugar sweets and means that one spoon or even a few spoons used for omelette or porridge, it is a negligible addition of calories in the daily balance, but it is the few or a dozen more calories in 100g that distinguish these wasps from ordinary kindergartens that makes the taste of 'chemistry alone', which people who are not used to dietary fit products complain about, and the fullness of debauchery appears taste known for traditional sweets. Those few more calories really make a big difference - so much that you won't feel like you're eating something dietary. It's a great fit-compliment :)

The low-calorie king of fit sauces. Natural flavors and real ingredients, such as cocoa, nuts, almonds or coconut shavings, in an amount of no more than 2-3% of the total composition, guarantee a brilliantly intense, real, expressive, natural taste.

F ** king Delicious sauces are based on as many as 3 thickeners: xanthan gum, cellulose gum and starch, cocoa and coconut flakes contained in some flavors also have thickening properties, which translates into a wonderful, thick consistency similar to cold pudding, because combining thickeners gives much better results in terms of consistency than increasing the amount of a single thickener.

The same applies to the sweetener - we do not have sugar, we do not have aspartame or maltitol, but we have a combination of erythritol, a natural sweetener less sweet than sugar, with intensely sweetening sucralose - here also the combination of two types of sweetness sources offers a better combination. natural, still sugar-free and calorie-free sweetness than using only one sweetener


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