• Snickers Hi Protein Powder 875g - Wrigley

Snickers Hi Protein Powder 875g - Wrigley

  • Brand: Wrigley
  • Amount: 875 g
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High-quality whey packed with 21g of protein per serving to give you the everyday protein you need.

Get your daily protein while enjoying the mouth-wateringly delicious taste of the classic Twix combination of peanut butter nougat, milk chocolate, caramel, and roasted peanuts.

Key benefits of Snickers Hi-Protein Powder by Mars Protein

Widely popular protein

21g of protein per serving

Ideal for building and repairing muscle1

Great tasting and easy to mix

What can I expect from Snickers Hi-Protein Powder?

The Snickers Hi-Protein Powder by Mars Protein makes it convenient to provide your body with high-quality protein that contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass1 — making sure you get the daily protein you need.

With just 3.4g of fat, 5.6g of carbs, and at just 141 calories per serving, Snickers Hi-Protein Powder is perfect for anyone serious about their fitness goals.

How does Snickers Hi-Protein Powder taste?

Mars Protein made sure that the Snickers Hi-Protein Powder has a mouth-wateringly delicious taste that is reminiscent of the classic Snickers chocolate bar that you love - the perfect mix of peanut butter nougat, caramel, milk chocolate, and roasted peanuts.

Serving size
Suggested serving size 35 g
Nutritional value in one serving
Energy 595 kJ / 141 kcal
Protein 20,9 g
Carbohydrates 5,4 g
Fat 3,5 g

Wrigley Snickers Hi Protein Powder 875g

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