• TAURINE PURE - 227G - Now Foods

TAURINE PURE - 227G - Now Foods

  • Brand: Now Foods
  • Amount: 227G
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  • High taurine content in each serving
  • 100% pure taurine, no additional ingredients
  • An essential amino acid needed for protein synthesis
  • Convenient form of a soluble powder
  • Supports the functioning of the brain and nervous system

Now Taurine Pure Powder

Taurine Pure Powder from the reputable and well-known Now company is a dietary supplement that provides you with a large portion of Taurine. It is a supplement that will supplement your diet with this essential amino acid needed for the synthesis of new proteins, and thus supporting the development of muscle mass. Recommended to every person exercising - it will turn out to be an indispensable component of the diet of both professional bodybuilders and people who are just starting their adventure with strength exercises. In addition, the Now company provides you with a supplement in the composition of which you will find only 100% pure taurine in the form of a powder - without any additional ingredients.

The key substance for the body - Taurine

You can find taurine naturally in animal meat - it is a biogenic amino acid. In the human body, its highest concentration can be noted in the heart, brain and muscular system where it is mainly stored. This amino acid is also found in food products such as turkey meat, seafood, but also seaweed, peas and lentils. Most of us, of course, associate taurine primarily with one of the ingredients of energy drinks.

Taurine has many beneficial effects and properties in your body. For an athlete, some of them will be key in achieving better and better results in their exercises. Among other things, it has a positive effect on the synthesis of neurotransmitters - this means that information between your brain and muscles is transferred much faster. You will feel it especially in the gym, where the speed of transmitting nerve signals to your muscles is as important as their physical strength. Another important aspect of the regular use of taurine is its influence on the regenerative processes of muscles after training - your muscles undergo microdamages during each training session. If you do not quickly take care of your recovery at the right level, over time you may find that you are more prone to injury, and therefore your training will be less intense, shorter and less frequent. Prevent this from happening and start using Taurine Pure Powder from Now regularly today.

Taurine also has a positive effect on anabolic processes. It is an essential amino acid in the sports life of every person exercising at the gym or bodybuilding. Taurine has a positive effect on protein synthesis - and thus on the growth of muscle mass. Remember that protein supplements and BCAA drinks are not everything - also Taurine Pure Powder should be on your list of supplements consumed daily. Only a balanced diet enriched with supplements such as taurine in the form of 100% pure powder will provide you with results that exceed your wildest expectations. Do not wait any longer and finish your endless search for answers to the question "What can I do to support my body during and after training" - use Taurine Pure Powder from Now regularly today!

Serving size
Suggested serving size 1 g
Nutritional value in one serving
Taurine 1 g

Now Foods TAURINE PURE - 227G

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