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Pre-Workout in convenient sachets. Two huge portions in one sachet.

Take 30 minutes before your workout and feel:

- Immediate energy boost

- Persistent muscle pump

- Focus and motivation for better training

- An increase of strength and endurance

The composition of 16 active ingredients make BOMB most advanced pre-workout. let's take a look at the active ingredients.


AAKG is a combination of two components: arginine and alpha-ketoglutaric acid.

Key benefits of AAKG supplementation:

- Increased production of nitric oxide (NO)

- Better oxygenation of muscle

- Improved transport of nutrients

- Improved transport of creatine, amino acids and glucose

- Lowering blood pressure through relaxation of smooth muscle

- Accelerate recovery

- Increases the body's resistance

- Increases sensitivity to insulin creating an environment for greater anabolism of muscle cells.

- Antioxidant properties

- Directly affects the muscle growth

Beta alanine

 Amino acid precursor and a building block of carnosine. Increases its saturation in muscle cells. It is responsible for maintaining a high blood flow and the saturation of muscle cells with electrical impulses. This directly affects maintenance of the pump and the dumpiness of muscle.

Citrulline Malate

Endogenous amino acid. Directly increases the production of nitric oxide (NO) even more affecting blood flow and vascularity. With a solid dose of this amino acid you will feel extra muscle pump, and your veins will be more visible.

Betaine hydrochloride

Methylated form of glycine. Mediates in the synthesis of creatine, takes part in neutralizing homocysteine. Support burning fat by oxidation of lipids. Improves the digestive system and may also lead to increased production of muscle mass.

Acetyl L-carnitine

Affects the nervous system, improves concentration and memory. Leads to an increase of the body’s strength. Occurs naturally in the human body. Also occurs in small amounts in food. Acetyl L-carnitine is recommended as the additional supplement during the systematic weight and endurance training.

Glycerol monostearate

Glycerol ester and stearic acids. It occurs naturally in the human body, as an intermediate in the digestion of fats. Glycerol monostearate is now an indispensable ingredient in a way to provide long-term muscle pump. Your muscles will be filled up to maximum. Glycerol is hygroscopic, which means he draws water into the muscle. It makes muscles are bulging, better supplied with blood, much harder and prepared for an even more powerful workout. Increases the effect of the muscle pump up to 12 hours after workout. Immediately after workout has the effect of "breaking" the muscles throughout  the process of overloading the muscle fibers. Delays the effect of fatigue through better hydrated properties of muscles.


Precursor of adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine. L-tyrosine enhances concentration and shows stimulant effect.


is produced by decarboxylation of glutamic acid. Gaba raises the level of natural growth hormone. It stabilizes blood pressure and reduces the risk of muscle’s cramps during training.


A metabolite of glucose, naturally occurring in foods. Supports the ability to endurance workout, influence on the course of transformation of energy in the body. It works detoxicating


Caffeine Anhydrous has a maximum absorption and assimilation.

The highest concentration of caffeine can be observed approximately 30-50 minutes after ingestion.

Key benefits of caffeine:

- stimulating effect

- Improves concentration

- Improve the efficiency of thinking

- Stimulates the nervous system and respiratory


Organic chemical compound from the group of amino acids belonging to the α-protein amino acids (not included in the protein). Norvaline is an inhibitor of arginase, thereby increasing the concentration of arginine. This results in long lasting effect in synergistic action with caffeine and beta-alanine. Thanks to l-norwalinie, your training may take longer.

Schisandra chinensis extract

Is a plant whose properties and therapeutic effects used for thousands of years. In Chinese medicine schisandra chinensis fruits have been used for over 2000 years BC.

It relieves in mental and physical fatigue and weakness. Like ginseng improves aerobic endurance and accelerates regeneration. Lignans, substances present in schisandra chinensis stimulate the nervous system, increase the strength capabilities and aerobic endurance.


Ashwagandha or withania somnifera, also known as Indian ginseng is used for thousands of years in ancient hindi, traditional medicine (Ayurveda). In India and abroad is still one of the most valued herbs and number one in modern phytotherapy. Ayurvedic physicians determine ashwagandha as a mood stabilizer, and many scientists compares it to the Chinese ginseng. Recent studies define as ashwagandha as a adaptogenic plant due to the presence of substances with a pharmacological effect.

Rhodiola rosea (Lat.) 

Supports the cardiovascular system. It provides better oxygenation and nutrition of cells. Normalizes the functions of the digestive system. Increases the body's resistance to stress and physical effort.


Helps accelerate the cell's metabolism. Increases the body's ability to long-term effort. It is a potent adaptogen. The body due to the properties of this plant is more resilient to intense training and stress.

Piperine Black pepper alkaloid (Piper Nigrum) 

Stimulates the the secretion of norepinephrine and epinephrine. Indirectly increase the synthesis of structural proteins of muscle.

Check how powerful impact on Your training’s quality have the ingredients contained in 7Nutrition BOMB in Sachet.

The recommended method of consumption: Mix 10g (1/2 scoop) with 150ml of water. Consume 15 minutes before training. Do not exceed the recommended daily servings.

Nutritional value in one serving
AAKG (L-arginin-alfa-ketaglutarat argininy) 2500 mg
Acetyl L-carnitine HCL 650 mg
Ashwagandha 25 mg
Astragalus extract with Polysaccharides 50 mg 5 mg
Betaine hydrochloride 750 mg
D-Glucuronolactone 75 mg
GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) / 250 mg
Glycerol monostearate 500 mg
L-Citrulline Malate 1000 mg
Schisandra chinensis extract 50 mg
Vitamin B3 2,5 mg
Beta-Alanine 2500 mg
Black paper extract 5 mg
Caffeine 100 mg
L-tyrosine 375 mg
Magnesium 15 mg
Rhodiola rosea extract (4% rosavins) 75 mg 3,75 mg
Vitamin B12 0,5
Vitamin B6 410


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