• No1 Probiotic - Lab One

No1 Probiotic - Lab One

  • Brand: Lab One
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N°1 ProBiotic by Lab One is a top-quality dietary supplement containing over 300 billion live bacterial cultures per capsule. The product is called a synbiotic because it combines both probiotic bacteria and prebiotics.

N°1 ProBiotic is an advanced multi-strain probiotic in which the unique technology was used of microencapsulating with a lipid casing that increases the viability of microorganisms both in the package and in the gastrointestinal tract and protects them from humidity, pH, oxidation, or acidity. According to tests, such a solution guarantees an 80% survival rate of bacteria as compared to lyophilised probiotics available on the market.

Moreover, the company Lab One took care of the right casing that protects microorganisms from the activity of external factors. High-barrier foil was used that protects capsules from the permeation of vapour and oxygen.

The product is recommended in the case of an antibiotic therapy, chronic digestive system disorders, and in order to strengthen immune system function.

Lab One No1 Probiotic

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